Pre- Entered Robot Conflict Competitor Instructions


• Come in the North Lot (#1 on map) by turning at Industrial Road from Cameron Street. Street signs will say Exhibitor & Vendor parking only. Any spectators driving separately must park in the spectator lot by turning onto Elmerton Avenue (#2 on map).

• Show yellow parking pass to the gate attendant. Nerc is offering a Bot-Valet service from the main parking lot to the building. This service will be available 6:30am-8:30pm Saturday morning. Please arrive early gates open at 7am Saturday and 7:30am Sunday. 

• You may not park any closer than (#4 on map). Just park, bring your robot and enter through the Sign- up entrance (#6 on map). Have your participant pass ready to show the attendant.

Access & Registration

• After entering the building at the sign-up entrance, proceed to the Robot Conflict Arena (#8 on map).

• Check-in for all bots will begin at 7:30am Saturday. There will be Competitor Meeting at 9am followed immediately by the start of the competition. If you have not passed check-in by that time, you will be removed from the brackets. Check-in for Fairy-weight & Featherweight bots will be still available Friday from 8am until 8pm

• When you arrive at the Small Arena report to the check-in table. There you will turn in all transmitters to the impound, receive your pit passes and table assignments. Report to your assigned table and prepare immediately for safety check-ins. All grinding & welding must be done outside (#9 on map).

• You will be issued pit passes. These must be worn at all times. Under no circumstances will anyone, without a pass, be allowed in the pit areas. If you see any unauthorized person in the pit area, please notify an Officer of the NERC immediately.

• It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can come early to set-up & help tear down after the awards ceremony. We are all volunteers.

Equipment & Stations

• All Bots must be ready upon arrival for check-in. It is highly recommended that no individual component be shared between bots, including RX & ESC. If you show with 2 working bots, but it takes you 20 minutes to swap the RX from one bot to another, then your bots are not ready upon arrival. We can not delay competition because of this scenario.

• There will be a Transmitter Impound. All transmitters are required to be held in the impound at all times when not in an actual match or during an approved test. You will receive a clip with your bot name, team name & pit table assignment for each bot registered. You must turn this clip in to get a frequency clip, any competitor found using a radio without a clip, at any time unauthorized by NERC will be removed from the competition and the NERC pit area. We will not take this issue lightly.

• Any Violators of rules are cause for immediate dismissal from the Robot Conflict and pit areas.

• Pit tables will be provided, but it is each competitors responsibility to guard personal belongings. Motorama and NERC will not be responsible for items lost or stolen while in the pit area, combat area, or staging area. While in the pit areas, all bots must be on blocks with their wheels/legs off the ground and weapon covers/mechanical locks when not competing. All Weapon covers and locks should be in place until the bot is in the arena. We are shooting for ½ table for each builder. Builders with multiple bots may receive extra pit space at NERC's discretion.

• Each robot will have at least 20 minutes between fights. If you have more than one bot in different weight classes, you may be required to fight another bot during that 20 minutes. Please plan accordingly with extra batteries, receivers, crystals, etc. Once called, you will have 2-3 minutes to place your bot in the arena or you will forfeit the match. Please remain in the pit area at all times. NERC officers must know of your whereabouts to instruct competitors of upcoming battles. If you are not present when your bot is called, you will forfeit the match.

• In effort to keep time down to a minimum, the fights will be mixed. We will have a round of 12lbers, then a round of 30lbers, etc. If you have both12 & 30lber on the same receiver and channel, you may want to purchase another receiver/crystal ASAP.

• We will provide electrical receptacles and suggest you may want to bring: extension cords, power cords, power strips, batteries, tools, etc (you know the drill). Multiple crystal sets are strongly encouraged. Remember everything you bring must be carried or carted from the main parking lot (#4 on map) to the small arena (#8 on map).

• Because of the number of fights we must get thru, postponements will be strictly limited. East bot will get one 20 minute postponement per day. Please use your postponement wisely.

• Fail safes, Master power cut-offs, mechanical locks & sharp edge covers will be checked & tested during safety. Please have them programmed & set at that time.

• Strict adherence to these rules will be enforced. Your patience and cooperation with the staff and management as well as the spectators will be greatly appreciated

Building Safety & Complex Rules

• State Law prohibits possession of alcoholic beverages on state property without a permit. Violators will be prosecuted. Alcoholic beverages will be sold at the stands in complex.

• Motorama Events is not responsible for fire and theft to anything that is your property.

• The following items are not allowed to be brought inside the farm show complex: Pets, Alcoholic Beverages, Fuel Cans, Drugs, Stickers, Balloons, Open Flames, Skateboards, Scooters, Bicycles, Firearms, Laser Pointers, Roller Blades, Footballs, Frisbee, Remote Control Vehicles, Food, Drinks or Coolers.

• Racers Should Police themselves and their pit area.

Contact our office for additional information: Motorama Associates 717-359-7056 Monday thru Friday 8am-4pm or visit our website

Have a Safe Trip to Harrisburg


Experiencing a Robot Conflict match at Motorama is an unforgettable event. Robot Conflict is an event where competitors build handmade, remote controlled robots that fight to destory their opponents by using a variety of weapons and tactical actions. Robots weigh between 3 and 30 pounds and fight in a high tech arena protected by steel and bulletproof plastic. Competitors use their intelligence and machine skills to create the ultimate robot that dishes out the most damage while being able to withstand destruction from its opponents.