Best of Show: $2,000.00
Runner Up; $1000.00
2nd Runner Up: $750.00
3rd Runner Up: $500.00
+ 5 Judge’s Picks $100.00 each + Plaque

2 Hostetter Cup Picks (THESE ARE NOT JUDGED)

Best Custom: $300 + Plaque
Outstanding Custom: $100 + Plaque
Outstanding Weekend Driver Custom + Plaque

Best Street Rod $300 + Plaque
Outstanding Street Rod: $100 + Plaque
Outstanding Weekend Driver Custom + Plaque

Best Street Machine: $300 + Plaque
Outstanding Street Machine: $100 + Plaque
Outstanding Weekend Driver Street Machine: Plaque

Best Truck Modified: $300 + Plaque
Outstanding Truck: $100 + Plaque
Outstanding Weekend Driver Truck: Plaque

Best Bike Modified: $300 + Plaque
Outstanding Bike: $100 + Plaque
Outstanding Weekend Driver Bike: Plaque

Best Antique: $300 + Plaque
Outstanding Antique: $100 + Plaque
Outstanding Weekend Driver Antique: Plaque

Best Competition: $300 + Plaque
Outstanding Competition: $100 + Plaque
Outstanding Competition: $100 + Plaque

Best Modern Muscle/Domestic: $300 + Plaque
Outstanding Modern Muscle/Domestic: $100 + Plaque
Outstanding Weekend Driver Modern Muscle/Domestic: Plaque

Best Japanese: $300 + Plaque
Outstanding Japanese: $100 + Plaque
Outstanding Weekend Driver Japanese: Plaque

Best European: $300 + Plaque
Outstanding European: $100 + Plaque
Outstanding Weekend Driver European: Plaque

Best Display: $100 + Plaque
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Place: Plaques

Outstanding Paint:
Top 3, Plaques

Outstanding Interior
Top 3, Plaques

Outstanding Engine
Top 3, Plaques

Outstanding Undercarriage
Top 3, Plaques

Gone but not Forgotten Award

Under 30 Young Builder Award

Plaques to the outstanding 50 vehicles excluding those that placed above

Dash Plaques to all vehicle exhibitors

Total Cash Value for Competition $8,950.00 in prize monies

See hundreds of the nation’s top touring show vehicles from the early 1900's to today's modern marvels; antiques, classics muscle, exotics, lead sleds, modern muscle, movie cars, rat rods, tuners and so much more. Motorama’s Car, Truck and Bike Show is the only indoor show of its kind and is hosted alongside an additional 800,000sq. feet of motorsports racing and events.