Robot Conflict is back again this year ready to smash, bash and trash those winter blues you may be having. Warm up to the heated double elimination competition as 7 different weight classes compete until there can be only one victor. Who will take the titles this year? Find out by braving the Polar Vortex and come out to the Motorama show in Harrisburg, PA. Witness one of the largest combat robotics competitions on the east coast. See bots of all shapes and sizes square off as each try to fight their way to the top.

Experiencing a Robot Conflict match at Motorama is an unforgettable event. Robot Conflict is an event where competitors build handmade, remote controlled robots that fight to destory their opponents by using a variety of weapons and tactical actions. Robots weigh between 3 and 30 pounds and fight in a high tech arena protected by steel and bulletproof plastic. Competitors use their intelligence and machine skills to create the ultimate robot that dishes out the most damage while being able to withstand destruction from its opponents.